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a result of the most recent H&S practice evacuation that had been arranged by the person running the induction

Many many years when I was young and stupid (as opposed to old & stupid now) I was an Officer in the Army Reserve, and had to go to the 2MD pay office at Victoria Barracks (Sydney) to sort out a pay issue . While I was there, the WHS people decided to do a fire drill, and as visibility s reduced, they decided to pop some cans of coloured smoke to mimic the stuff produced by burning. I understand that they discovered a lot of equipment was in places it shouldn't have been, net result a few broken/twisted ankles and arms...

At my current workplace I have two routes from my classroom/office to the emergency evac area (school oval) . One leads through the centre of the school (which could be on fire), or right past the 2 big propane tanks.

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