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It’s not quite as ironic, but we had a set of health and safety training “online learning” videos pushed upon us a few years back.

The first was slips spills and trips. The first director to complete it proudly announced he had achieved the highest possible score of 100%, only a matter of hours before he slipped on a dead squirrel while walking between the two office buildings.

I kid you not.

(Your first aid box story reminded me think of that.)

The one which really sticks in my mind though was when the new head of HR turns up for the first (and as recall, almost only) visit to the “not the London office” where she caught sight of me sitting on a gym ball at the desk.

“Why are you sitting on that?” she asked somewhat snappily.

“Ah you must be the new HR director?” I politely replied. “Lovely to meet you. I suffer from back pain, this is more comfy.”

“But we supply chairs. You must sit on those. That ball thing isn’t approved.”

“But my back hurts less on this than the chairs you supply. And I bought it and brought it to work as my own seat with my name inscribed on it.”

“I’ll see about this...” and with that she charged off.

Never did hear another peep about it.

I think she was actually quite a nice person, but took her job VERY by the letter of the book.

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