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"but please, try to be more original than me while trying not to cry due to the sheer uselessness of our government."

It's not "the government" as such. This is an ongoing issue with public sector IT projects in general. In fact Labour have been a larger historical fail in this space, but that's mostly coincidental rather than related to specific policies. We can for instance thank Labour for inventing PFI and outsourcing large chunks of the NHS and many other public services. Which was then continued by the Conservatives.

The main issue is primarily that pay rates and benefits for IT employees in permanent government roles are in the bottom quartile. So they get the dregs. Yes they hire lots of contractors for roles that they simply can't get any permanent employees for, but that doesn't fix the skill level of the incumbents that specify this stuff and make the decisions.

If the government paid decent commercial salaries and benefits for IT employees it would likely actually cost less in the long term because it would remove the need for so many contractors and would reduce the amount of catastrophic failures. However that's not going to happen as every other government employees including Police, Fire, Nurses, Doctors, etc would then be saying me too!

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