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Bombshell discovery: When it comes to passwords, the smarter students have it figured


Hi JV, thanks for the reply.

Having read the article I appear to have missed the fact that Troy had shared a database of hash's and the comparison was done against that. Apologies. I usually blame lack of caffeine for my mistakes as otherwise I would never make any *cough* :)

There are many variables in passwords that cross the IQ barrier. Not everyone has a job related to their IQ as ambition and other factors are involved but if you generalise that a manual labourer may have a lower IQ than a director of a company you may expect the labourer to have a weaker password. A fair percentage of the time it's their favorite sports team or player with maybe a capitalised first letter and a number at the end if the signup forces those attributes. Yet a lot of CEO's will also use their sports team as a password too.

There are differences where say a fruit seller on a stall in London may have a football(soccer) related password, a CEO who went to Oxford might have a Rugby related password as social economic groups also play a part.

At the same time both groups may use a password based on a crush/partner/kids or dog or a date of birth.

Both high IQ and low IQ people know they are supposed to have good passwords. Is it down to IQ about who puts the effort in?

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