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Can you handle the tooth? AI helps dentists design fake gnashers

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"The way current design means that it can only deal with single missing teeth."

My dentist fitted a gold crown for me by the traditional method of taking a mould and waiting for the lab to return the piece.

A few years later the mirror-image one needed a crown. By then he had invested in a camera that took a 3D picture of the prepared cavity. A few minutes of CAD mouse clicking and then we chatted while a suitably coloured blank was machined to the shape. It was amazing to hear the click as it fitted into place.

Given that my teeth are somewhat irregular in layout - it takes some manual skill to grind the top surface to make a comfortable fit with the existing teeth.

The surprise was when he then produced a low tech digital camera to photograph both crowns. Apparently they were perfect examples for an international conference lecture that he was to give on the new technique.

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