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Now IBM turns redundo gun on its Digital Business Group


Among the customer base are Defense Sector/Contractors. So the 'Defense Sector' is going to be happy with some moron in India/Egypt/Malaysia/China getting to know ANYTHING about their systems without filtering through 'on shore' hands first?? This company is unbelievable!! It seems to me that with the demise of TSS, IS, DBG (and others), sending the surviving elements of these groups to 'low cost' centres that IBM is not really serious about retaining customers. So, what is IBM (what is any company come to that) without customers.

Ginny - you idiot! - where is the money coming from once you have robbed the company blind with your outrageous share 'purchase' (at $0:00) then sold that day at market value. In truth we all know the answer to that ..... you don't care because you'll be long gone with purse stuffed full of ill-gotten gain

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