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This is a pattern being replayed at a global level

As far as 'Technical Support' TSS is dead. TSS will still exist in some guise, but not for software support. The mentioned "The Register understands, however, that IBM is working on “true follow-the-sun support model” but that for now TSS managers consider global inconsistency a “serious problem.”" at the close of the article does not contain the known position by IBM TSS management when going to press. The "“true follow-the-sun support model” is calls going direct to Level2, which means they are going to be absolutely swamped and incapable of providing any valued support. They will find it pretty much impossible to handle all Sev1 calls, getting to 'lower order' calls (S2,3,4) will be 'pot luck'. As for TSS Management seeing the potential issue as a "serious problem", well they are just about fully accountable for the situation customers now find themselves in. They rushed to hack away jobs without clearly seeing the potential implications of their actions. That is despite 'coal face' staff telling them what was likely to happen. It's sad that the workers at the bottom of the pile understand the business way better than the idiots in the 'golden chairs'

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