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Micorosoft does not have a clue

(1) If Microsoft was not in a near monopoly position they would be out of business. Windows is overly complex and structurally flawed. It has never abandoned its application model called cooperative multitasking which in itself is a joke. The Registry is a mess.

(2) Here is a company that had billions of dollars and market position when the Google founders we just college kids. They lost out to Google on nearly every front. Microsoft tried to stuff Windows into a phone with no success while Google introduced the Android phone. They have even lost the Windows browser battle to Chrome.

(3) Microsoft is not innovative and their direction is a mystery. All you have to do is compare Chrome to Edge to see how innovative Microsoft is. Edge is the worst browser I have ever come across. I use Internet IE before I use Edge.

(4) Sooner or later Microsoft Updates will take your machine out. One of Microsoft's Windows 10 updates left my computer unable to boot (not the first time either). I finally got the machine restored and disabled the Update Service. I be damned, they turned back on and updated my machine again destroying it once more. After much Internet research, I finally found a way to disable updates but it is not easy; they shove them down your throat and don't give a damn if it kills your machine. Windows is so convoluted there is no way to guarantee that all machines are in a state of being able to accept an update.

So now after touting Windows 10, they want to make it App based like a phone or tablet - what next. I think they have forgotten that Windows 10 is basically supposed to be a commercial system and not just an Instrument for Facebook.

I have been using and developing software for Windows since the DOS days. Before that I used real operating systems. I have no respect of Windows or Microsoft. I use Windows when I have too and a MacBook Pro all the rest of the time. Apple is not perfect by far but Mac OS is not the hairball Windows is.

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