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Lots of funny bussiness happening lately

Lastnight I discovered my mobile was locked onto 5:55pm and would not change, it had had update from timezone/location and network turned off I discovered it at 7:41pm AEST (roughly two (2)hours) behind my timezone, if that means anything as my battery time was also stuffed and it had been like that for at least about 6 hours.

Then Telstra turns up its toes today.

I recently joined a large competitor of Telstra for a particular service, since then I have been hit with spam, spam, spam, many had come from hacks of phones of other people. To that number and the number I had nominated for business phone response.

Optus-Singtel get your inside management in order, you really are as much the problem.

There is too much co-incidence between your business and crap happening.

P.S. One hack said it was from UK football club and said I had won 2,ooo,ooo pounds, lovely but I had not entered. Optus did just win a contract to present Football in Australia, I would like the Fraudsters to be made to pay everybody their 2,000,000 pounds, without being able to declare bankruptcy, (when they're caught) and see what that does to spam-fraud.

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