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Telstra's mobile networks go TOESUP* in national outage

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Lucky we aren't paying ultra premium prices with the most powerful incumbent telco for the premium service they offer... Hmm.

Things have been going downhill with them for ages, pity the usual suspects that you can move to are just as useless. I spent 8 phone calls to sign up to a mobile phone plan over 2 days just to move from an expired contract to a new contract both with Telstra.

1. Wrong plan even though i was using the chat app in writing.

2. Correct plan, wrong term.

3. Correct term, wrong plan.

4. Correct plan, correct term, no bonus data applied as was offered for signing up at the time

5. Actually fixed issue.

Yet to see first bill on new plan, awaiting the results expecting to have to chase the fact I've been billed incorrectly or similar

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