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I got 257 problems, and they're all open source: Report shines light on Wild West of software


The article seems to be mainly buzzword bingo.

* unpatched Apache Struts.

* Heartbleed


* IOT securtiy

None of these have anything to do with license terms. They can be related to keeping your systems patched and up to date.

However, the real issue in that case is whether you are talking about vendor support of software you have bought, or whether you are talking about supporting software you have developed in-house (or via a contractor).

In the case of vendor support, the license is irrelevant to this issue. The real issue would be the quality of service provided by that vendor. Whether that vendor is Red Hat or Microsoft, the issue is the same.

In the case of self-support of something you developed yourself (or paid a contractor to develop for you), then you need to handle this aspect yourself.

In the general case of security patches for open source libraries and components though, if all of that came from the standard repos of a Linux distro then the distro manages all of this for you. They have security teams and their distro comes with an updating system that manages security patches. They can't make you apply those patches though, that is up to you being willing to do so and having the procedures in place which prevent the issues from being ignored.

This though is really just another variation on the vendor support question, with the license being irrelevant except that you now have a variety of competing vendors all supporting very similar systems to choose from.

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