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...Or was it simply a Not-Clinton request to Universe, aired some 4 or 5 years before the latest elections, Ken Hagan? Trump is just a capitalised five-letter word, with Putin counting the same another number of letters...

One can humbly suppose that the electricity still running through its wired ways and some other things unarguably comforting us and them still keep you and me and everyone out of cave - home. It is good.

You don't really need to believe or take into account some anonymous megalomaniac bullshit, do you? (-;

Ah. Noone cares about Tiny Drivers by Team Surreal. Good it is.

Some megalomusical musing follows - , Depeche Mode RMX for Peace HQ . Next in the tracklist comes Angel of Love. This sequence/combination, of course, is purely coincidental.

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