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EU sponsored the development of a Google search competitor:

Guess what, the development was split between Germany and France research facilities. Germany backed off, it took France some more years but the web search engine worked great in the end. Guess what, bribery comes next and the web search engine was sold off cheap to Dassault (3D CAD software maker: CATIA) and turned to an enterprise search product.

Nevertheless, the web search engine, a competitor to Google search anno 2009, is still running, albeit not even linked from Dassault werbsite.

It was paid with our EU tax money, they should be forced to open source and release the code! And a community similar to Wikipedia should be formed to run the web search engine Exalead.

"Quaero" was the EU research and development program:

The end result was Exalead web search, sold for cheap to Dassault:

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