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eventually, to Google indexing

Re-writing history? Yes when there was only email, FTP, Gopher etc it was hard. Web sites made it easy. Altavista worked quite well (established 1995, realistically in use from 1996). Google was about two years later and not used so much till later still.


Now lots of people only use maybe two internet replacements of mailorder catalogues (eBay & Amazon). Most use one encyclopedia, one movie database and book database (both bought by Amazon). Maybe four main social media companies (Tencent, Facebook, Google, Twitter?)


Maybe five big Cloud providers (who are decentralised without blockchain!)


Blockchain and associated cryptocurrencies is a boon to money laundering and criminals, secondarily speculators. Banks don't need it. Secure private communication don't need it. Decentralisation doesn't need it (various peer to peer systems and distributed systems have existed without it). A serious problem is that it's not scaleable to large volumes of users and transactions.

Yet Google seems to think we want bookmarks, Pinterest, Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Books and paid results instead of search now.

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