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People like convenience more than privacy – so no, blockchain will not 'decentralise the web'

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Spot on

"In other words, we value convenience (and, yes, centralisation) over privacy and security. We may say we don't, but our actions belie our statements."

Exactly ! Great to so see it put in the headline.

and security is diametrically opposed to convenience lower one when you raise the other.

Ultimately unless it's fully secure it's not secure.

Countries could run their own decentralised operations, connect to the likes of Google via a individual pipeline but something like that just introduces more problems.

What is frightening is when you hear that here in Australia people in authority are stating that surveys that find 50% of the young population think democracy is failing and want something different. With such a weak system open to abuse it could be catastrophic if a swift change actually occurred only to be opportuned by a group for their own interests.

We tend to look at our systems from our comfort zone and say well it's alright, not it could turn to crap very quickly.

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