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Because the real reason the US has such a huge military budget is because it is the trough at which a greater and greater percentage of pigs in Washington feed. It is a perfect place for pork because it is politically difficult to cut, and as politicians see it anything done in-house is merely a wasted opportunity for people to be wined, dined and bribed and later accept cushy consulting arrangements from both the contract winners, and the losers who will want to be considered the next time a big slab of bacon comes up for RFP.

You don't think the US really spends eleventy drizzillion dollars on defense, do you? The main expense that's in-house in the DoD budget will soon be health care - larger than salary. Which is why republicans have started talking about the need to privatize the VA, and I'm sure Tricare would be next on their hit list after that. They don't care that the free market has already proven it is worse at providing health care, they think about the never-ending stream of "lobbying" money from the winners and losers-who-wanna-be-winners-in-the-future and can already taste the five star meals and feel the breeze from junkets to Hawaii to check out their VA hospitals.

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