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Not used OpenWRT for a while, but I put LEDE on my BT provided hub, and now it doesn't crash every few minutes, my downloads are 20 times faster, and my uploads are three times faster. On top of that, the UI is actually documented (although you would have to be fairly technically knowledgeable to configure it).

BT sent me a replacement hub when I complained about the crashing - it is exactly the same, and my son's at another location is similar (crashes only about once an hour instead of several times).

BT do not have any meaningful documentation on their "home hubs" and that on the Business Hubs appears to be a limited script on how to do what they think you want to do.

LEDE is not for everyone, but for some, it is wonderful. Or, maybe, BT Hub software is complete shite, but, IME, the other vendors are not much better.

The OSS would be massively better if the hardware manufacturers were to allow people to read the documentation on their products. I think they should be forced* to release all docs on any product that is EOL's to minimise landfill.

* This might need to be at gunpoint in the case of Oracle and Cisco.

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