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Pentagon on military data-nomming JEDI cloud mind trick: There can be only one (vendor)

Nate Amsden


Go ahead award it to one top level cloud vendor, just be sure that the vendor distributes the downstream hardware and software across at least 3 different top tier vendors(and not token deployments of said vendors):

- Data centers: Equinix, Switch, QTS ?

- Hypervisors: VMware, Citrix, (pick some KVM/Openstack supplier perhaps Red hat?)

- Servers: HP, Dell, Cisco ?

- Storage: HP, Dell, Hitchai or IBM ?

- Networking: Cisco, Juniper HP or Extreme/Brocade ?

That cloud can then put their API stuff on top of that stack and go from there.

Not so easy I am sure(I have been working in IT/Operations for 24 years), but at the same time would simultaneously address the outsider's want for more competition and the Pentagon wanting a single vendor. Also is good for the industry in obviously diversifying where the money goes for such a big contract. We are talking about long term stuff here after all.

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