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OpenWrt forums lost as hardware failure again crocks open Wi-Fi router

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From the partially restored openwrt forum:

"At the moment we managed to recover about 38% of all posts in about 20% of all topics, with a strong tendency towards newer content. We are aware that this is not a perfect substitute for the complete forum content, not by a longshot. But it may help until we can get access to the original forum content."


It seems indeed backups were not working at all. Reminds me of this fella who once phoned me in angst, one sunday.

HP Tech had totally wiped the autoraid (yes, they were used to do that, and actually, they did it twice for this particular customer, evidently to make it perfectly clear they didn't have a clue how to update the firmware).

Tuned out the backup script was always returning 0, without checking the result of the tar command. Turned out as well one tape was not enough to contain the whole email system, and this, for a *very* long time :)

A nice technical conversation after on the likelihood to restore the email DB with a truncated backup, and then, admission of the truth: 1200 factory user maiboxes lost.

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