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Re: SystemD ? Was THAT What Buggered My Mint AND Laptop ?

Probably not systemd. If you were the only one it happened to, and it only happened once, write it off as the proverbial "stray cosmic ray" flipping a bit at an inopportune time during the install. If you can repeat it, this is the wrong forum to address the issue. Try instead

That said, if anybody reading this in the future has a similar problem, you can get a working system back by logging in as root[0], using your favorite text editor[1] to create the file /etc/sudoers with the single line root ALL=(ALL) ALL, saving the file and then running chown 644 /etc/sudoers ... logout of root and back into your user account and get on with it. May I suggest starting with backing up all your personal work (pictures, tunes, correspondence, whathaveyou)?

[0] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, don't suggest newbies use root. But if su doesn't work, what would you suggest as an alternative?

[1] visudo wont work for obvious reasons ... even if it did, would you suggest vi to a newbie? Besides, on a single-user system it's hardly necessary for this kind of brute-force bodge.

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