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Spine-leaf makes grief, says Arista as it reveals new campus kit


C'mon Arista, expected more from you

Seems like they are taking a page out of Cisco's marketing department - the 7300 switch and term Spline has been around a long time and Arista still doesn't have an Edge solution (need to buy Aruba) so what is the announcement about exactly? And Cognitive? Just say Intent like everybody else please - sorry you weren't first (or second, or third) but you didn't invent BGP and want along with that so let's not confuse the industry more than it already is. Also, surprised they are going after commoditized Campus, yes big spend but very low margin and awfully crowded space (and they still don't have Edge solution which is where lion's share of spend is). DC focus was smart so stay there and double down on WAN which is just getting started rather than inventing terms for no apparent benefit. I expected more from Arista and it's top notch management team!

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