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"I never saw ... run file left-over but process dead, service restart ..."

Seriously? I wrote one last week! You use an OS atomic lock on the pidfile and exec the service if the lock succeeded. The lock dies with the process. It's a very small shellscript.

I shot a systemd controlled service. Systemd put it into error state and wouldn't restart it unless I used the right runes. That is functionally identical to the thing you just complained about.

"application double forking when it shouldn't"

I'm going to have to guess what that means, and then point you at DJB's daemontools. You leave a FD open in the child. They can fork all they like. You'll still track when the last dies as the FD will cause an event on final close.

"So maybe, just maybe, you haven't experienced everything there is to experience"

You realise that's the conspiracy theorist argument "You don't know everything, therefore I am right". Doubt is never proof of anything.

"La, la, la, sysv is working fine" is not what you can call "participating in discussion".

Well, no.. it's called evidence. Evidence that things are already working fine, thanks. Evidence that the need for discussion has not been displayed. Would you like a discussion about the Earth being flat? Why not? Are you refusing to engage in a constructive discussion? How obstructive!

"now in the real world..."

In the *real* world people run Windows and Android, so you may want to rethink the "we outnumber you, so we must be right" angle.

You're claiming an awful lot of highground you don't seem to actually know your way around, while trying to wield arguments you don't want to face yourself...

"(and then downvoting people into oblivion for daring to point this things out)"

It's not some denialist conspiracy to suppress your "daring" Truth - you genuinely deserve those downvotes.

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