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I do know that I never saw a non-distribution provided init script that handled correctly the basic of corner cases – service already running

This only shows that you don't have much real life experience managing lots of hosts.

like application double forking when it shouldn't

If this is a problem in the init script, this should be fixed in the init script. If this is a problem in the application itself, it should be fixed in the application, not worked around by the init mechanism. If you're suggesting the latter, you should not be touching any production box.

"La, la, la, sysv is working fine on my machine, thankyouverymuch" is not what you can call "participating in discussion".

Shoving down systemd down people's throat as a solution to a non-existing problem, is not a discussion either; it is the very definition of 'my way or the highway' thinking.

now in the real world, people that have to deal with init systems on daily basis

Indeed and having a bunch of sub-par developers, focused on the 'year of the Linux desktop' to decide what the best way is for admins to manage their enterprise environment is not helping.

"the dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on"

Indeed. It's your way or the highway; I thought you were just complaining about the people complaining about systemd not wanting to have a discussion, while all the while it's systemd proponents ignoring and dismissing very valid complaints.

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