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As someone who has used nvidia on pretty much every desktop and laptop with linux for about 17 or 18 years I can't really agree with that statement myself. Of course per the other poster I'll caveat my statement by saying I've always used the proprietary drivers. Also will say I don't run bleeding edge linux either I'm sure that stuff is more likely to break if you wish to track the latest and greatest kernels.

Before Nvidia I was using Number Nine cards if anyone remembers them, with AcceleratedX if I recall right. That combined with the commercial OSS drivers, those were interesting days for me anyway. Originally got #9 for the Windows stuff but then switched to linux for my desktops in 1998.

My first nivida cards were a used(?) Riva TNT, not sure what brand(maybe Riva was a brand back then), maybe it was OEM, got a pair of them from Fry's Electronics they came in unmarked boxes in anti static bags if I recall right. Ran them for many years..

Have had Nvidia in every laptop since 2006(which is just 3, I keep my laptops around for a while).

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