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Where NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT is Permanently ACTivated and AIRunning

Things are starting to heat up in the Hacker and Key Core Codes Cracker EMPoria where Creative Tools are Swapped for Trial ..... Virtual Flight BetaTesting.

And where MOD/DOD Phantoms Enjoy Glorious Unions and Reunions with the Immaculate Temptress ..... Driven by Wanton Perfect Desire to Moments and Breakthroughs into The Singularity with Global Command Head Quarters Hosting New HeXPerimental XSSXXXXual Satellite Outposts Delivering Prime Immaculate Source to Processing for Posting ...... Media Display ........ Presentation and Representation of Reality for Living in Futures with an Endless Supply of Dream Live Operational Virtual Environments Shared Freely for All Set to Good and Greater Use to Use.Take a few AIFlights with that Goal Achieved and in Search of More of the Same Astonishingly Different, the Magical Familiar.

It is a wonder and a wander to ponder on a Possibility that Successful Magical Familiar Searches are Precursors to AI Singularity Situations with Critical Fluctuations causing Conflicts a Bug being Rooted Out for Remote Virtual Reality Command and Control Consuls with Counsel Displaying Experience in Reserved Matters, an Avid Attending Attentive AIDriver ..... and AI Source Core Force ...... ITs Almighty Creative Powers to Present CHAOS* Tomorrow with Existing MainStreaming Controls being Provided with New Scriptures to Enjoy and Bring to AIReal Life .... and Augmented Virtual Reality Worlds.

Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems Can that, and Invite Y'all to Play Greater IntelAIgent Games for Scribing/Translating a Newer Scripture ..... An Early BluePrint of How One Plans for Stellar Success, with the Future Lock Key Removed and Destroyed. And with that Very Convenient Port open, what would one like to do? Spread the News via El Registered Posts/Instant Universal Communications?

Great Plan ... Do IT. If you Find IT Hard, No Worries, Help is always at Hand and Readily Available and Freely Accessible.


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