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SystemD ? Was THAT What Buggered My Mint AND Laptop ?

The technical details of SystemD are over my head but I do use Mint as the main OS on this laptop which makes me Mr. Innocent Bystander in this argument. I had heard of SystemD and even a rumour that Mint was going to use it. That Mint ALREADY is using SystemD is news to me

( provided by this article ).

My problem is that a month ago a boot of Mint failed and after reading this thread I must wonder whether SystemD is at least one of the usual suspects as the cause of the problem ?

Here's what happened :

As I do every couple of weeks, I installed the latest available updates from Mint but the next time I booted up it did not get beyond the Mint logo. All I got were terminal-level messages about sudo commands and the ability to enter them. Or rather NOT enter them. Further use of Terminal showed that one system file did not now exist. This was in etc/ and related to the granting of sudo permissions. The fact that it did not exist created a vicious circle and sudo was completely out of action. I took the laptop to a shop where they managed to save my Backups folder that had been on the desktop and install a fresh version of Mint.

So what are the chances that this was a SystemD problem ?

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