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190,000lb of thrust?

SpaceX specifies the thrust of the Falcon 9 first stage as:

7,607kN, 1,710,000 lbf (at sea level)

8,227kN, 1,849,500 lbf (in vacuum)

See -the kN figures are rendered in really big numerals, and the lbf figures rather smaller. Which makes good sense for those of us born inside the last fifty years or so, like me...

(although I see that while the height of the Falcon 9 is given as 70m or 229.6 ft, the diameter is given as 3.7m or 12 ft. I'd love to know exactly what legacy of the olden days makes 12ft the right diameter, I really would.)

What with this being the 21st century and even NASA pretty much insisting on SI units by now, surely kN should be everyone's preferred unit of rocket thrust? Unless, that is, El Reg's standards bureau has something else to say on the matter? Hmm - perhaps El Reg might consider specifying rocket thrust in terms of Elon Musk's weight in one standard Mars gravity? Any takers?

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