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I have no idea how or why systemd ended up on servers. Laptops I can see the appeal for "this is the year of the linux desktop" - for when you want your rebooted machine to just be there as fast as possible (or fail mysteriously as fast as possible). Servers, on the other hand, which take in the order of 10+ minutes to get through POST, initialising whatever LOM, disk controllers, and whatever exotica hardware you may also have connected, I don't see a benefit in Linux starting (or failing to start) a wee bit more quickly. You're only going to reboot those beasts when absolutely necessary. And it should boot the same as it booted last time. PID1 should be as simple as possible.

I only use CentOS these days for FreeIPA but now I'm questioning my life decisions even here. That Debian adopted systemd too is a real shame. It's actually put me off the whole game. Time spent learning systemd is time that could have been spent doing something useful that won't end up randomly breaking with a "will not fix" response.

Systemd should be taken out back and put out of our misery.

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