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Its represents a big part oof the frustration that MS isn't focusing on just making the traditional Windows professional desktop OS on "big iron" machines the best it can be. All these years of diversion, compromising it on desperately trying to continue to "have it all" i.e. casual consumers and the windows 8 situation of not realizing the inevitable that average people only used windows because it was on PCs in the stores and they wanted to get on the internet, so they bought these machines as the prices became affordable. Now the smartphone came along and they should have realized along time ago that the PC had only been embraced by consumers because it was the only way onto the internet, the true "killer app". Other than that PCs were not an appropriate "device" for them. Those of us who used computers pre-internet, because we loved them as a tech tool and what makes them tick, are again the ones left using them as average consumers have moved on.

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