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Bombshell discovery: When it comes to passwords, the smarter students have it figured


How about: smarter people may have a larger vocabulary or a greater imagination to come up with and then remember more complex passwords?

Or, to shorten that for those without good grades: Smarter people are less dumb.

I guess we can add a lifetime of getting pwned to the list of self inflicted harm stemming from f***ing around at school, along with crap grades, crap education, crap jobs, and crap salaries. I am of course, widely generalising here.

Work hard at school kids, or you'll have to work a helluva lot harder after it.*

* Based again on a sweeping generalisation that manual low skilled jobs are harder than more cerebral career jobs. I've done both, and while manual work was boring, it wasn't specifically hard - you just got paid crap all per hour so had to do a lot of hours.

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