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You love Systemd – you just don't know it yet, wink Red Hat bods


It's a pretty polarizing debate: either you see Systemd as a modern, clean, and coherent management toolkit

Very, very few Linux users see it that way.

or an unnecessary burden running roughshod over the engineering maxim: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Seen as such by 90% of Linux users because it demonstrably is.

Truthfully Systemd is flawed at a deeply fundamental level. While there are a very few things it can do that init couldn't - the killing off processes owned by a service mentioned as an example in this article is handled just fine by a well written init script - the tradeoffs just aren't worth it. For example: fscking BINARY LOGS. Even if all of Systemd's numerous other problems were fixed that one would keep it forever on my list of things to avoid if at all possible, and the fact that the Systemd team thought it a good idea to make the logs binary shows some very troubling flaws in their thinking at a very fundamental level.

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