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> TypeScript/ECMA 6 and systemd

Surprise, surprise. Behind both ECMA 6 / Javascript 2016 and TypeScript and systemd is the very same evil company. M$ is well known for their illegal strategy named "embrace, extend, and extinguish". It's no surprise since M$ pays Canonical and RedHat to develop Linux sub-system for Windows. Canonical was forced to give up their Ubuntu Phone under this contract, as well as to adopt systemd. Certain Debian devs are on the payroll of Canonical and M$, and they were instructed to adopt systemd. RedHat was instructed to adopt systemd.

And yes, Javascript 5 was so great. Crockford's JSON and his "The Good Parts" book were wonderful. JS5 is a great language. And then came M$ with its legacy "Monaco" editor component that they wanted to port to JS. So they botched on a class syntax to JS and type system - they called their incompatible fork TypeScript. And lobbied to extend JS6 aka JS 2015/16 aka ECMAScript6 to include Class syntax as well as other crap. Unfortunately, Brendan Eich (creator of JS, back then CEO of Mozilla) and several other got bribed and fall for this.

M$ is cancer, don't support them. Avoid their software. Don't use their spyware called VSCode nor TypeScript, it will slurp your source code with tricks like always-on phone-home and spellchecker sending home everything among other nasty things.

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