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It is fascinating to me how the Unix(like) IT community can agree that "things need fixing" yet sit on their hands until someone leaps in, at which point they all know better.

Massive confirmation bias larded on thick there, but my observation stands.

Coming to Korn Shell almost three decades ago after many years working in a very stable mainframe environment I was appalled that every other man page listed "known bugs" with essential utilities (like grep) which had been there for twenty years and more, with no sign anyone was even slightly interested in fixing them.

So I guess my point is: If you think systemd is a load of dingoes kidneys and care passionately about that, why on earth aren't you organizing and specifying-out an alternative that does all the things needed that don't work right with init, yet avoids all the nasty with systemd?

You can complain the systemd design is poor and the implementation bad all you want, but if there is no better alternative - and for the world at large it seems that init isn't hacking it and, as someone so astutely mentioned, Solaris has now a questionable future so *its* "fix" isn't gong to become a systemd rival any time soon - that is what will be taking the carpet from under your feet.

Welcome to my world. When I started a power user was someone who could read paper tape without feeding it through a Westrex. I've lost count of the paradigm changes and Other People's Bad Choices I Have To Live With I've weathered over the years.

Now absent thyselves from my greensward soonest, varlets!

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