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No worries, as has happened with every workaround to make systemD simply mount cifs or NFS at boot, yours will fail as soon as the next change happens, yet it will remain on the 'net to be tried over and over as have all the other "fixes" for Poettering's arrogant breakages.

The last one I heard from him on this was "don't mount shares at boot, it's not reliable WONTFIX".

Which is why we're all bitching.

Break my stuff.

Web shows workaround.

Break workaround without fixing the original issue, really.

Never ensure one place for current dox on what works now.

Repeat above endlessly.

Fine if all you do is spin up endless identical instances in some cloud (EG a big chunk of RH customers - but not Debian for example). If like me you have 20+ machines customized to purpose...for which one workaround works on some but not others, and every new release of systemD seems to break something new that has to be tracked down and fixed, it's not acceptable - it's actually making proprietary solutions look more cost effective and less blood pressure raising.

The old init scripts worked once you got them right, and stayed working. A new distro release didn't break them, nor did a systemD update (because there wasn't one). This feels more like sabotage.

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