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You love Systemd – you just don't know it yet, wink Red Hat bods



I haven't been working with Linux for many years, 4+ ...

I am long past the need to push my chest out and if you must know, my name is Chuck and I these are my thoughts on systemd. 8^P!

I come from many years of MS, back from DOS 5.0 on my 200LX and early IBM office desktops.

Not a coder/programmer or even what you could call an advanced user, just a home and office guy who needs a PC to do things.

I attempted many times to make the jump to Linux and finally made it. It took some effort but not more than what I remember it took me to start with MS DOS in '94 and I was already in my late 20's.

Like I have said before: This systemd issue in Linux brings back memories of my difficult transition from W3.11 to W95, with the end of the familiar *.ini files I understood (and could tweak when things went foul) to the dark and undocumented workings of *the registry*, which took me a few years to get a minimal hold of.

In my opinion, this the same thing but it is now infecting Linux_land.

I see this systemd thing as nothing more than a registry class virus; the moment I understood what it was all about I left Ubuntu and Mint and now use and try out only systemd free distributions, hoping to eventually run only Devuan on my two rigs and netbook.


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