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As an outsider I find this fascinating

I love JavaScript. I learned it years ago and have watched the libraries and frameworks that use it progress massively in that time. However, it is now changing in lots of ways that I don't like. It's direction of travel is toward more formal, strongly typed code and away from the "anything goes" attitude of old. This gets my hackles up, I know how to write JS so it behaves predictably and is concise and clear so I don't see the need for all the new bells and whistles.

But when I look at the Debian page that debates systemd it's clear that there are parallels between my attitude to TypeScript/ECMA 6 and reg commenters attitude to systemd. I know I can do what I need with the tool as it was and I don't need this new fangled "type safety". You lot know how to use scripts to boot a device and don't need systemd.

Technology moves on, often in directions that we don't all approve of. Nevertheless you have to keep up or become irrelevant, so I've started learning TypeScript and ECMA6. How you react is up to you.

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