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Qualcomm, Microsoft drag apps for Win-10-on-Arm into 64-bit world

Waseem Alkurdi


Who said that products have to last for ages? Not how the market works. You and I, the plebs, only matter until the transaction is done.

Companies generally favor products that last until the shiny-shiny wears off (rumor has it that the iPhone X is getting discontinued as soon as mid-'18 vs. the iPad 2 which had a good life from 2011 till 2015! And that's only Apple!) . Put yourself in their shoes (and forget your morals, companies don't have those!) and think: Would I make a tablet that (a) costs $500 and lasts 10 years or (b) one that costs the same and lasts one year or something, then drop support and make the poor customer shell out for the newest bling-bling?

If I were a company, I'd choose (b). Money talks, $h!t walks ...

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