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"Apple recieved a lot of slagging off for wanting to remove 32bit support from MacOS (even though it has been on the cards for years). Will MS get the same angst and even hatred from the user community?"

I'm not completely sure, but wouldn't removing 32bit support from Windows completely kill VB6 apps? If so, then yes a lot of (legacy) apps would immediately be orphaned - and some of those apps are so old, the code/developers for them may not be available to port.

If you still do work on a PC, you might be surprised at how many apps are VB6-based. I was very surprised when Windows 10 was in preview that VB6 apps were still supported.

Also, it's interesting if you look at Task Manager on a running Win 10 x64 system, how many of the core OS services are still 32-bit - I wonder why? It seems a little strange - probably due to having to support 3rd party 32-bit apps?

Heating up some popcorn to watch this one unfold over the next (5-10?) years.

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