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Portree is a *good* spot for my father: from his croft at Struan he can get signal only if he climbs on the roof and hangs on to the chimney. And at pushing ninety, he's a tad old for that... that my parents have to use hand-held radios so one can be informed - if not in the room - that the land line is ringing is rather sad. The only time I can call them on the mobile is when they're in Portree.

I, on the other hand, work five miles from Cambridge - allegedly the technological hub of the country - and I have, er, no signal. Nor much of one all the way down the A428 until I get to the A1.

I don't ask much. Like the bulk of the users questioned in the survey the primary function I want from a phone is the ability to make calls. And that requires some signal. (Which is why, on occasion, I have asked this question after Register phone reviews: how well does it work to make calls?)

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