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Former Volkswagen CEO indicted over emission cheating conspiracy


Why blame the innocent?

VW designed a system specifically to deceive the testing regime.

Other manufacturers complied with the local laws and testing regimes.

All the other manufacturers have been "Tarred" with the VW Dieselgate brush and have seen significant lowering in revenue due to Diesel sales declines, as well as being presented with new "Real World" testing regimes at very short notice causing considerable disruption and cost to their own compliant programmes.

I find it insulting to hear repeatedly claimed that all car manufacturers are cheating like VW. Put up or Shut UP! Where is your evidence for such nonsense.

What I do find surprising is that the innocent manufacturers have not started legal actions against VW for the consequential damage their deception has caused which truly runs into billions of $/£/€ take your pick.

VW have shattered the public confidence in Diesel which will lead to huge CO2 emissions (Petrol, or Electric Vehicle powered by Fossil fuel power stations etc.) in exchange for a reduction in particulate matter which the latest Euro 6 standards lowered to that of gasoline engines...

Am I angry, sure, but not just with VW, but the media witch-hunt that has followed targeting Diesel in general, and which continues to be propagated by ill-informed social media pundits.

I'm also sure you've detected that I work in the automotive sector, and have a vested interest, but that does not make the facts change.

Upvote or downvote, as you feel fit, but do it based on the facts not the "Fake" news pundits.

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