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.is why the other perpetrators are being constantly and consistently ignored in this.

Two issues:

1. Diesel. If you dig deep into the finance trail of clean air lobbying in the USA at the end of the money trail you will find the Oil industry - Koch brothers, etc. This is one of the very few environmental causes supported by them and it is out of pure self-interest. Diesel reduces consumption and is cheaper compared to petrol (it is more expensive at the pump purely due to taxes). Nearly every emission control reg increases consumption. More money in their coffers.

2. Lower level of incest with USA corporations. VW does not own significant USA assets except assembly plants and there is no significant ownership of VW by American investors. The whole affair has a significant protectionist aspect.

As far as Bosch not being hit it is a result of 2. They are protected species courtesy of all the local USAisian car manufacturers.

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