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i) denial of service; a third party can very easily stop you trusting your own comms,

No. You can continue to trust your communication, but you will detect attempts to eavesdrop (the channel becomes noisier).

ii) reliance on a physical system rather than a mathematical system; at least with maths we've written the rules, whereas we only think we understand the rules of quantum mechanics

Arse-backwards. I would rather trust QM, which has never been proved holey (indeed, is the most solid book on physical law ever( than the assurance that factorization is not in P.

iii) seems to be more susceptible to hard-to-find implementation errors than a mathematical cryptographic system. At least you can review the complete implementation of a maths system

No you can't.

whereas for a quantum system you have to be super careful that you're generating single photons, that your detectors can't be fooled, etc.

Problems are easier to detect as you just need to ask the measurement apparatus.

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