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What's the Point?

The problems with quantum cryptography include

i) denial of service; a third party can very easily stop you trusting your own comms,

ii) reliance on a physical system rather than a mathematical system; at least with maths we've written the rules, whereas we only think we understand the rules of quantum mechanics but actually we have no way of knowing whether our understanding is complete (ie someone who has a better understanding but hasn't published a paper on it may have a backdoor into your comms that you don't know about). And as it happens we know we don't know everything there is to know about how the universe works, and

iii) seems to be more susceptible to hard-to-find implementation errors than a mathematical cryptographic system. At least you can review the complete implementation of a maths system, whereas for a quantum system you have to be super careful that you're generating single photons, that your detectors can't be fooled, etc.

So having ranted on about that for 3 paras, I hope they don't blow too much money on this kind of thing. It's so vulnerable to being found to be useless that I fear naught may come of it.

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