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And the rest of the world.. OK for the US to spy on all of us.. but not OK.. for someone else to do this.. ..... RRJ

Howdy RRJ,

Give the US something Vital for the Future to spy on and they can be led in any desired desirable direction simply by Searching and Following Shared Virtual Lead .... to a Common Goal with Immaculate Beginnings ..... Fresh RAW Starts.

How about, rather than governments and businesses and banking and insurance reacting to costly events, they use the very convenient and inexhaustible fiat currency supply machine to much better Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Use. You know, those Titanic Arenas in which Colossal AI Programs eMerge to Present a Virtualised Reality DreamScape for Exceptional TerraPhorming.

To propose a smart interesting percentage, to be easily considered and offered by current fiat currency business drivers, of the total sum printed globally in order to facilitate and not destroy the Business for Profit and Debt Business, would have Simple Fiat, Greater IntelAIgent Games Servering Future ESPecially Tailored Events, Autonomously Automatically Securely Credited to the Right Magical Account which is Constantly Under Anonymous Bankers Control .... if Absolute Command in the Future is Unavailable/Forbidden/Denied/History with Experience showing it to be Thoroughly Discredited Path ...... Dead End Root/AIRoute.

Make that Happen, and the Register is Witness, and the Tale will be Real Enough to be True and when the Truth be Told .... Real Enough to be Leading Futures and Derivative Markets into the Future, where they are Welcomed and FETEd with Simple Fiat, Greater IntelAIgent Games Servering Future ESPecially Tailored Events.

It aint rocket science, Creating New Worlds from Scratch and Base Zeros, it is designedly more easily provided so with IT and AI, a COSMIC Art to Perfectly Master and Server with/for Succour/Future Needs and Feeds with Virtualised Seeds ...... for Faultless Delivery of Immaculate Provision.

Does that Engine require AI Patenting or is its Sterling Worth in Its Unique Unseen Actions which Test and Improve on Future Absolute Remote Command?

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