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> My apologies to my fellow commentards for the length and for going off topic but mathew42 and his continual broken record rants really give me the shits.

How about apologising for your fibre fanboi rants which lack evidence?

> I also think Labor miscalculated the percentage of users who would have taken up a 1Gbps plan. Many business I know would like to have those sorts of speed NOW! and not in 2026.

I suggest reading the ACCC NBN Wholesale Market Indicators report for the real figures, which show Labor were overly optimistic on take-up of speeds. (83% on 25Mbps or slower!).

If you statement had a hint of truth thousands would be connected on 1Gbps plans, not the 176 of which ~100 are on MyRepublic's marketing promotion plans.

The reality is that if a business can justify the monthly cost of 1Gbps, then technology change is not a huge expense. The harsher reality is that demand for 100Mbps services has fallen since the early days of the NBN and only a few RSPs offer 250Mbps in very limited areas.

> The people of Australia and their GRANDCHILDREN have been cheated out of a high class Information Highway. Where this country would have been one of the world leaders, it is now close to scraping the bottom of the Information Highway barrel.

The single factor that cheated most Australians was Labor's decision to add speed tiers. That decision resulted in 83% on 25Mbps or slower. Labor's NBNCo Corporate Plan has a chart showing how speed tiers will cause Australia to fall behind.

> The increase in GDP caused by the NBN would had added additional revenue

The average speed on FTTN is 68Mbps. That means if LNP removed speed tiers on FTTN, the average speed would be higher than FTTP with Labor's speed tiers.

The GDP growth predictions are based on increases in average speed (e.g. 1Mbps increase results in x% GDP increase). If you accept the reality of Labor's speed tiers reducing that potential 1Gbps down to slightly over 25Mbps, then the additional revenue is theoretically still coming into the budget.

> Labor also ordered the two Skymuster satellites, you know the ones Turnbullshit said weren't needed because there was sufficient capacity available

I think you are misquoting Turnbull. The argument was not about the need for more satellites, but buying capacity from private operators versus building satellites. By purchasing 2 satellites, Labor have trapped NBNCo. Instead, NBNCo could have had multiple options including Project Loon & SpaceX which will deliver faster cheaper services.

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