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If that was the only tantique usque gallus the NHS made I might be prepared to agree with you.


I almost *died* from misprescribed medication and had medication I urgently needed buggered about with by a NHS GP who was nothing to do with my case and caused me and my family 3 years of hassle including contacting consultants behind my back.

I had hip problems at 13, which misdiagnosed (actually flat feet) have caused me a lifetime of spinal pain to the point I'm off work and have more than once been curled up on the floor in agony.

I have had important allergy information suspiciously deleted from my records which could have risked my life..

I've had verbal abuse from GPs and hospital staff - surgeries and treatments denied despite the fact they're mandated..

I've had bloods taken so badly I ended up seconds from intensive care..

That's over and above the cancer situations I've detailed and not including working for the NHS in IT which to be blunt was more terrifying than all that put together - scanners being run by BBC Micros, lockdown passwords set by someone who'd since buggered off to Dubai and forgotten to mention what they were, oh and a patch deployment system that was somewhere to the left of guesswork..

Did I forget to mention being prescribed Fentanyl as I requested (especially on the assumption on my part it was less addictive and safer than morphine - to which I have a family sensitivity (the local NHS effectively murdered my maternal grandmother with it, for her moderate flu, despite it being listed that SHE SHOULD ON NO ACCOUNT TAKE IT, even if Hell was freezing over at that very second)) - no one thought to mention it was up to 25x more addictive than morphine..

Should I go on?

True it might be accidental incompetence or misreading or just a single xx-phobic bigoted GP but there's an old military saying. "once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action". Last I looked I was on somewhere around number seven or eight..

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