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Re: Smart streetlight? FFS, why?

- state monitoring ( lamp out for example ) -> auto service call

- environmental monitoring ( temperature / humidity / motion / vibration / position )

- traffic monitoring thru motion sensing (infrared/ radar)

- early earthquake warning system ( vibration sensing )

- impact monitoring. if some car hits the pole ...

- weather monitoring

- emergency services ( forced light-on )

- diagnostics

- battery state ( for solar powered light fixtures )

- power outage detection ( street lights are on an always-on live feed . If the feed goes down a smart light can send a 'dying-gasp' signal alerting service.

There are plenty of scenarios and many are already implemented.

IoT does not necessarily mean it runs over Wifi. More often specialist mesh networks such as LoRaWan are used.

The sensor packages for such services are very small. A 9 axis accelerometer /positional sensor combined with a temp/pressure/hum sensor can do the job. All electronics can fit in a matchbox and costs less than 5$ in mass production. Why not do it ?

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