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You might want it, but can you afford it? Labor expected <1% to be on 1Gbps in 2026. If you are in the 1% then technology change will be small change.

Oh pleeease Mr Ashwood, can't you just give the Labor blaming a rest. They had a plan, may not a have been perfect but it would have gotten better and the Australian people would have had a cheaply upgradable fibre network to 93% of the population. Change the hardware in the exchanges and homes and you have Gigabit and then later 10 Gigabit. Labor also ordered the two Skymuster satellites, you know the ones Turnbullshit said weren't needed because there was sufficient capacity available, except the Optus boss said they didn't have any (more COALition lies).

I also think Labor miscalculated the percentage of users who would have taken up a 1Gbps plan. Many business I know would like to have those sorts of speed NOW! and not in 2026. If the COALition had not murdered the NBN then a greater benefit would have resulted in health, education and growth in regional towns. Houses are cheaper than in the metro capitals and has been shown in the past, business will move to where they can get faster Internet speeds and a better lifestyle for their staff. Instead for pure political vindictiveness we have been lumbered with a white elephant of Nodes that are going to be left in place until they die and there is no option but to complete a now 10 year old plan.

Just remember that the COALition spent 2 years holding the NBN in limbo commissioning SIX reports until they got one that fitted their taxpayer funded mess. Now we have the new NBN type COALition mess; Snowy 2.0. First is was $2Billion. Then $4Billion with the extra infrastructure needed to carry the extra power. Now it's $12Billion (this sounds like the COALition's ever growing NBN cost. First under $10Billion, then $29 now what is it.....$54Billion) and this $12Billion worth of "renewable" energy produced, which isn't made using COAL, is going to return $0.69 for every $1 it costs. Well, aren't the COALition the brilliant money managers of the political spectrum.

The people of Australia and their GRANDCHILDREN have been cheated out of a high class Information Highway. Where this country would have been one of the world leaders, it is now close to scraping the bottom of the Information Highway barrel. The increase in GDP caused by the NBN would had added additional revenue for the governments to pay back the COALition borrowings due to Hockey's non existent Budget Emergency and the more than doubling of overseas debt since the COALition's election in 2013 and allowing more money for health and education which directly affect the growth of this country. A pipe dream on my part since based on past experience there would have been tax cuts for the 1% ers which wouldn't have trickled down to the poor bastards who actually do the work.

My apologies to my fellow commentards for the length and for going off topic but mathew42 and his continual broken record rants really give me the shits.

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