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Re: Smart streetlight? FFS, why?

Are we overlooking the possibility that by putting "smart" tech into places where it really isn't needed, w't it e're just exponentially multiplying all the points of vulnerability in our civilisation?

Yes **1000.

Not everything needs to be connected 24/7 but it is the current 'on trend' thing to do at the moment.

The same goes for Electric Scooters. Supposedly...(wft?) Electric vehicles are a gazillion times more reliable than ICE powered ones yet all those Tesla's and now even a battery powered scooter coming out of India is connected 24/7 supposedly as a diagnostic aide. but... but... but.. isn't is soooooooo much more reliable then why does it need to be connected????

unless... (dons conspiracy tinfoil hat) it is part of various governments plans to track our every move.

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