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Smart streetlight? FFS, why?

What possible justification can there be for a "smart" streetlight?

A streetlight requires to be off or on. Conceivably it may be useful to have variable brightness according to ambient light. Those functions are easily handled by primitive electronics, stuff so simple and cheap that these days it's barely even worth making as a kid's kit. That does not need a CPU. It barely needs a few discrete semiconductors. The cost of components over an entire city is probably about 20p/lamp.

Ok, perhaps it would be useful for the streetlight to report its ON/OFF/dimmed state to a central system for a holistic power management view, but even that does not require anything more than a voltage signal: it could even be an analogue value peeled off a current shunt, if you wanted utter simplicity. Virtually no components required.

Surely no one is suggesting that a streetlight needs a processor? What could possibly be the point? What business case could justify the cost of complicating this and adding the expense of parts and maintenance?

Why do I get the feeling that some bunch of scoundrels is actually trying to sell the concept along with some overpriced and basically pointless kit (please tell me no one is suggesting putting SIM cards into streetlights so they can be centrally controlled)—yet another fatheaded solution that has no problem to solve?

There seem to be flashes of cleverness in the field of Internet of Shyte, but no sign of wisdom or common sense anywhere.

PS Am I right in recollecting an episode of Sarah Connor where they hack into the LA city system via a traffic light? Are we overlooking the possibility that by putting "smart" tech into places where it really isn't needed, we're just exponentially multiplying all the points of vulnerability in our civilisation?

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